An overview of our different materials

Since the surfaces and conditions of the various musical instruments differ greatly in some cases, we have developed an optimally adapted material for each instrument. In this way, each overlay variant achieves the best possible result on your instrument.

Magnetic  *NEW*


This variant is probably the most elegant method of applying an overlay, provided the surface of the device is suitable for it. The entire back is equipped with a thin, slightly adhesive magnetic layer. It is therefore very easy to attach, remove and reposition an infinite number of times. Even bending does not damage the overlay, as it always returns to its original shape. This makes the overlay almost indestructible! Thanks to these properties, it is not subject to wear and tear and can be used (or sold) again and again, even after many years of non-use. The overlay has a total thickness of approx. 0.5 mm.

This photo shows the underside of the overlay, which is equipped with a full-surface magnetic layer

Strong material  *NEW*


This type of overlay consists of a firm material which, due to its nature, already lies ideally on the device and thus holds itself in position. Another special feature is its very mildly adhering and special adhesive strips on the back. After a long series of tests, an optimal product of the highest quality was found here, which can be removed from its surface again and again without problems and without leaving any residue, even after a long time. Due to its properties, the overlay can even be reapplied and repositioned almost indefinitely (make sure the fixing points are clean, see instructions). The total thickness is approx. 0.3 mm.

This photo shows the underside of the overlay where the mild adhesive strips are in some places

Supple material


A rather thin but nevertheless stable film that elegantly hugs the device (even on edges/bends) and is therefore hardly noticeable. The entire back adheres with a very mild, removable and high-quality adhesive that has been intensively tested. Therefore, the overlay is very easy to remove even after a long time. Once it has been completely removed, reapplication is not recommended in most cases, as the degree of difficulty can increase significantly (especially with the large overlays). Please read the instructions for application. The total thickness is approx. 0.15 mm (about 2 sheets of paper).

The full-surface, slightly adhesive overlay was partially removed from the rear protective paper

All overlays (templates, foils, skins) are processed to a high quality, punched out for a precise fit and are manufactured in Germany in cooperation with our partners from the industry. An additional, matte protective layer makes them extremely robust and permanently protects the qualitative print (dual-layer process). The entire material consists of a stable synthetic substance, so the overlays are insensitive to dirt or moisture and therefore easy to clean. Thanks to the gentle fixation, the overlays form an ideal unit with the surface of the instrument, cannot slip - and remain in position even after the instrument has been transported.