Waldorf Pulse 2

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Xpuls BCR

Controller Overlay

(+ MIDI template)

38,50 EUR

'Xpuls BCR' - Behringer BCR2000 Controller Overlay + MIDI template for the complete and intuitive control of the Waldorf Pulse 2

This overlay is available in the following variant:

  • Self-adhesive: the back adheres due to a very mild and removable adhesive. The total thickness is approx. 0.2 mm (a common sticker usually has a thickness of about 0.07 mm).


The high quality overlays (templates, foils, skins) are produced in cooperation with our partners from the industry in Germany and are punched out to fit perfectly. A 2nd robust top layer of a matt laminate protects the qualitative print optimally (dual-layer process). The entire material consists of a stable synthetic substance, and is therefore protected from dirt and moisture.


Controllable functions:

  • Oscillator 1-3 (incl. Sync, Glide, Shape, Semitone, Detune, etc.)
  • LFO 1&2 (incl. Speed, Shape, etc.)
  • Mod 1-8 (incl. Source, Amount, Target)
  • Mixer Section (incl. Osc 1-3 Levels, Noise, Drive, Curve, Pan, etc.)
  • Amp & Filter Envelope (incl. ADSR, Loop, Trigger, Velocity, etc.)
  • Filter (incl. Env Amount, Type, Input Gain, Keytrack, etc.)
  • Arpeggiator (incl. Delay, Swing Accent, Clock, Hold, Mode, etc.)
  • 8 preview buttons (note C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C - editable)
  • 8 user encoder (editable)
  • 1 user button (editable)
  • BCR2000 programming continues to be available (Store, Learn, Edit, Exit)
  • and many more...

Included in your order:

  • High quality dual-layer* overlay for Behringer BCR2000
  • MIDI template file for BCR2000
  • Straightforward, bubble free application - please see instructions
  • Small cleaning cloth
  • Fixing strips for secure application
  • Printed application instructions
  • Printed user manual
  • Made in Germany
  • Safe delivery** in a non-bendable cardboard box
  • 14 days return policy!


Allgemeine Informationen:

Pulse 2 is a small and portable analog synthesizer by Waldorf with an outstanding sound and a large range of functions.


Unfortunately, only a fraction of functions are controllable directly, which noticeably affects ease of editing. Our ‘Xpuls BCR’ Controller Overlay is here to help. By connecting the BCR2000 controller by Behringer, functions will become accessible through the controller itself.


In the design process of the overlay as well as the MIDI template, special attention was given to straight-forward and intuitive operation of the device.


Consequently, the advantage of a portable instrument remains: on the go (gigs, rehearsal rooms, etc) the synth itself will often suffice, as you will have easily pre-made your sounds in your studio.


  * The second additional upper layer of laminate protects the print and makes it even more robust.

** We currently only deliver to countries in the European Union!


It is easy to set up: the self-adhesive overlay is applied to the BCR2000 controller (see instructions). Connect the controller to a computer via USB and transfer the supplied MIDI template file (Mac: Sysex Librarian, PC: MIDI-OX. Your hardware editor for the DSI Mopho is now ready for use!


Manual - Xpuls BCR (E).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 255.2 KB
Installation - XBCR Overlay (E).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 640.2 KB