In the mxpand shop you will find various overlays that will help you use your electronic musical instruments (hardware, software) more intuitively - such as synthesizers (analog/digital), sequencers, samplers, grooveboxes, drum machines, MIDI controllers, etc.


There are basically 2 product categories:

Unfortunately, some instruments lack the labelling of particular functions on the device itself (often key/button combinations). And sometimes, the device surface simply isn’t designed in a very user friendly way. With our 'Instrument Overlays' you will get an skin/film which you can place directly onto your instrument, with emphasis in design put on helping you achieve more intuitive use.


There are instruments whose full functionality cannot be controlled directly though the device itself. A suitable MIDI controller can help you access most, if not all, functions. With our 'Controller Overlays', you will get an intuitively designed control skin for your controller and a file (MIDI template) to reprogram the controller to suit your device. You will quickly feel like you are using a completely new, more user friendly device.

The high quality overlays (templates, foils, skins) are produced in cooperation with our partners from the industry in Germany and are punched out to fit perfectly. A 2nd robust top layer of a matt laminate protects the qualitative print optimally (dual-layer process). The entire material consists of a stable synthetic substance, and is therefore protected from dirt and moisture. The delivery includes everything you need - printed instructions, cleaning cloth, fixing strips, a wrench (if necessary), etc.


This shop will be expanded over time…


If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!