Moog Minitaur & Sirin

'Xtaur Classic' Instrument Overlay (magnetic) by mxpand - for Moog Minitaur & Sirin, analog synthesizer, high-quality operation template/front foil/skin/film

Due to updates, photos may slightly vary from actual product. The last photo shows the latest version.

Xtaur Classic 2.2 (magnetic)

Instrument Overlay

32,50 EUR

'Xtaur Classic 2.2' - Instrument Overlay for intuitive design + unlabeled functions (for Moog Minitaur & Sirin)

This overlay is available in the following variant:

  • Magnetic: The back of the overlay is magnetic and therefore adheres slightly but securely to the surface of the device. The application is very uncomplicated, as it is not necessary to loosen any screws or poti caps - the overlay is simply put on and ready! Thanks to its properties, it can be easily removed and/or repositioned at any time. The total thickness is approx. 0.5 mm. 

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Attention: Unfortunately, the housing of the Moog Sirin is not magnetic (unlike the Minitaur), as it is made of aluminium. Therefore, the overlay will not stick to the Sirin by itself!


Detail overview:

  • Additionally labeled (shift) functions
  • Compatible with firmware 2.2 and higher
  • Larger font for all functions
  • Alternative & intuitive design
  • Clearly arranged patch management
  • Advanced envelope functions
  • More VCO & LFO functions
  • Selection of MIDI channel described
  • and much more

Included in your order:

  • High quality dual-layer* magnetic overlay for the Moog Minitaur (or Sirin)
  • Very easy to apply because magnetic and it is simply put on from above
  • Printed instructions for application (English/German)
  • Made in Germany
  • Worldwide, climate-neutral & safe shipping in a non-bendable cardboard box
  • 14 days return policy!


General information:

The Moog Minitaur is the enhanced version of the legendary Moog Taurus. The new, extensive control, as well as the fat sound make the small, portable and flexible analog synthesizer already a real classic.


Over time, very valuable functions have been added to this synth through extensive software updates. However, these new functions are difficult to find due to the now missing labeling on the device, which is why a constant look in the manual is necessary. This often keeps the musician from the actual creative process.


The 'Xtaur Classic' instrument overlay (skin, operating template, front foil) from mxpand provides a remedy here. In addition to the alternative design, missing labels were added. Thus, the instrument finally feels more user-friendly and complete. 


* The overlays (templates, foils, skins) are processed to a high quality, punched out for a precise fit and are manufactured in Germany in cooperation with our partners from the industry. An additional, matte protective layer makes them extremely robust and permanently protects the qualitative print (dual-layer process). The entire material consists of a stable synthetic substance, so the overlays are insensitive to dirt or moisture and therefore easy to clean. Thanks to the gentle fixation, the overlays form an ideal unit with the surface of the instrument, cannot slip - and remain in position even after the instrument has been transported.


Installation - Xtaur (EN DE).pdf
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