KORG Electribe 2 Sampler - Black

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Xtribe Sampler Black

Instrument Overlay

27,50 EUR

'Xtribe Sampler Black' - Instrument Overlay for intuitive design + unlabeled functions (for Electribe 2 Sampler E2S, black)

This overlay is available in the following variant:

  • Self-adhesive: the back adheres due to a very mild and removable adhesive. The total thickness is approx. 0.2 mm (a common sticker usually has a thickness of about 0.07 mm).


The high quality overlays (templates, foils, skins) are produced in cooperation with our partners from the industry in Germany and are punched out to fit perfectly. A 2nd robust top layer of a matt laminate protects the qualitative print optimally (dual-layer process). The entire material consists of a stable synthetic substance, and is therefore protected from dirt and moisture.


Detail overview:

  • Labeled Shift functions (the '< / >' arrows indicate the previous/next function)
  • Function groups are separated visually (Pads, Ribbon, Display, Filter, Modulation, Amp/EG, IFX, etc.)
  • Various backlit buttons are labeled, improving readability
  • Value encoder is highlighted, to avoid confusion with Sample/Oscillator
  • All rear connections are marked on the surface
  • Alternativ design

Included in your order:

  • High quality dual-layer* overlay for Korg Electribe 2 Sampler (E2S)
  • Straightforward, bubble free application - please see instructions
  • Small cleaning cloth
  • Fixing strips for secure application
  • Printed application instructions
  • Made in Germany
  • Safe delivery** in a non-bendable cardboard box
  • 14 days return policy!


General information:

The Korg Electribe 2 Sampler (E2S) is a new, further developed generation of the Electribe Sampler series ESX-1.


Despite having new, magnificent functions, operation has become less intuitive. This is primarily due to many functions not being labeled (eg. the shift functions).


Additionally, function groups such as the Sample/Osc area, Filter area, Amp area, pad or ribbon functions are not visually separated from each other. When labeled buttons are active (eg. Mute, Erase, Trigger etc), their backlights make their labels difficult to read. Rear connections are also only recognisable by turning the device.


The 'Xtribe Sampler Black' Instrument Overlay (skin, operation-template, front-foil, sticker) can greatly improve operation of the device by making it more intuitive and user-friendly.


  * The second additional upper layer of laminate protects the print and makes it even more robust.

** We currently only deliver to countries in the European Union!


By the way: The red mxpand Instrument Overlay 'Xtribe Sampler Red' is also compatible with the black sampler, as both devices only differ in color. This is a simple way to change your device’s surface color, if you like!


Installation - Xtribe (E).pdf
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