Xluge Complete - Upgrade Kit 3.0/3.1

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Xluge Complete

Upgrade Kit 3.1

3,50 EUR

'Xluge Complete - Upgrade Kit 3.0/3.1', extension for 'Xluge Complete - Instrument Overlay' (3.0 version)

Please note:

This product is only available for owners of an ‘Xluge Complete’ overlay!



Deluge firmware v3.1 is now released! Therefore there is now a new, revised 'Xluge Complete Instrument Overlay' on which the new features (Nudge Notes & Note Repeat) are added.


As an alternative, our upgrade kit is now available so that you can continue to use your existing overlay (this protects the environment and your wallet)!


The Upgrade Kit consists of two small stickers of the same material as the overlay, which can be added on top of the existing overlay. This extends the two new functions 'Nudge Note' and 'Note Repeat'.


3,50 EUR - All customers who ordered the overlay during beta test 3.1 (April / May 2020) will receive the upgrade kit free of charge on request.


Shipping within Germany: 1,00 EUR

Shipping to other EU countries: 1,50 EUR




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