Dave Smith Tetra - TB MIDI Stuff (iOS)Template

Xtetr TB-LT, free - for Tetra (Dave Smith Instruments)

Tetra is a small and portable analog synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments (Sequential) with an outstanding sound and a large range of functions. Unfortunately, only a fraction of functions are controllable directly. Our freen‘Xtetr TB-LT'’ template is here to help by making functions directly available. During the making of the template, special attention was given to straight-forward and intuitive operation. To use the template, you will need an Apple iPad and the affordable (but comprehensive) app “TB MIDI Stuff”, which you can find in the app store.


Some of the controllable functions include:

  • 2 pages (Main and Modulation)
  • Layer A und Layer B editable (activate "Edit B" for Layer B at the Tetra)
  • Multimode on/off (only voice 1, channel 1)
  • Normal, Stack, Split Point
  • Program and Bank Select
  • Oscillator 1 & 2 (incl. Wave Reset, Noise, Sync, Glide, etc.)
  • LFO 1-4 (incl. Sync, Frequency, Amount, Shape, Destination, etc.)
  • Mod 1-4 (incl. Source, Amount, Destination)
  • 3 envelopes (Amp, Filter & Envelope 3)
  • LP Filter (incl. Env. Amount, Audio Mod, 2/4 Pole, Velocity, etc.)
  • Arpeggiator (incl. Hold, Length, Steps, Octave)
  • Mini keyboard (all oktaves)
  • and many more...


Installation of Xtetr TB-LT:

  • To use this template, you will need an Apple iPad (iPhone and iPod Touch are unfortunately not supported) and the affordable "TB MIDI Stuff" app which you will find in the app store. 
  • Download the file "xtetr_tb_lt_1.xx.tbmc.zip" and unzip it. Connect your iPad to iTunes and copy the file to the app's folder of TB MIDI Stuff (iTunes/Data/TB MIDI Stuff).
  • Open the app on your iPad and load the file (iTunes Dokuments Folder/Load Canvas Snapshots).
  • Now you just need to connect your DSI Tetra to your iPad (via MIDI) with the MIDI interface in TB MIDI Stuff selected. Set MIDI channel o the DSI Tetra to "1".
  • That's it, have fun with th 'Xtetr TB-LT' template!

Xtetr TB-LT, free template for TB MIDI Stuff (iOS)
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